Delta variant also affecting people who took 2 dose of vaccine

New Delhi,26/7: There is a decline in the case of corona virus, but amidst the fears of a possible third wave, another crisis has come to the fore. The gradually increasing cases of Delta variants have raised concerns. Till now it was believed that the vaccine is completely effective in fighting the coronavirus, but now some such facts have come to the fore which have surprised everyone. It is being said that the delta variant of the corona virus is also infecting those taking both doses of Kovid 19 Vaccine.


At present, research is going on around the world regarding the corona virus and scientists are constantly trying to find ways to deal with it. Meanwhile, 10 leading Kovid 19 experts said in an interview that the vaccine protection against the corona virus is very strong and those who have not yet been vaccinated are at higher risk at this time.



According to scientists, the delta variant identified in India is more dangerous than other variants of the corona virus. It is very easily transferred from one person to another. According to the report, it is capable of infecting fully vaccinated people much faster than the previous variants.


Delta variant becomes a big risk for the world

At present, the delta variant of the corona virus remains the biggest risk for the whole world. Microbiologist Sharon Pecock said that the delta variant is the fastest variant of the corona virus so far. According to Sheeran, the virus keeps changing in itself and comes out in a new form. Its new form is sometimes more dangerous than the original.


Experts believe that until an effective solution for the delta variant comes, where the vaccination campaign is still going on, the use of masks, sanitization and social distancing is necessary. According to a report by Public Health England, a total of 3692 people were hospitalized with Delta infection in Britain on Friday. More than 58 percent of these people were those who were not vaccinated but the surprising thing was that about 23 percent of such people were infected with the delta variant who had taken both the doses of the vaccine.

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