Sachin Pilot expressed his views over political crisis

Rajasthan, 26/7: Former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot reached his assembly constituency Tonk on Sunday after the visit of two big leaders who reached Jaipur from Delhi to resolve the ongoing political crisis in Rajasthan. During this, Pilot gave only one answer to the questions of the media that Ajay Maken has explained everything in detail after the discussion in the PCC. Now I don’t need to say much. The things that are happening on the platform of the party, there is no need to keep them in the media. Sachin Pilot said about the formula that everything will come out. On cabinet expansion and political appointments, Sachin Pilot said that whatever happens, everything will come to the fore.



For a political solution to the ongoing crisis in the Rajasthan Congress, Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal and the party’s state in-charge Ajay Maken reached Jaipur on Saturday. After that on Sunday, he had a meeting with party officials at the PCC. Pilot also participated in the meeting held in PCC. After that Pilot had left for his assembly constituency Tonk. On the questions of media persons in Tonk’s demand for cabinet expansion and their camp in political appointments, Pilot said that whatever happens, everything will come to the fore.


Review of government schemes and development works

On the way to Tonk from Jaipur, Pilot was given a warm welcome by his supporters. The pilots first reached the Tonk Collectorate. There, he took a review meeting with all the officials including the Collector and the Superintendent of Police in the Collectorate Auditorium to review government schemes and development works. After this Sachin Pilot reached Agriculture Auditorium. He inaugurated development works worth about Rs 1.50 crore there.


Central government surrounded on corona vaccine

Sachin Pilot also listened to the problems of the complainants from all over the district. He also met people from far and wide for transfers. During this, while talking to the media, Pilot appeared as an attacker on the central government. The pilot lashed out at the central government on the vaccine crisis and even said that our vaccine was exported abroad. Vaccines were not provided to our countrymen on time. Corona’s third wave has knocked in many countries. From the situation that the whole country including Rajasthan saw during the second wave, it can be guessed that how frightening the picture of the third wave will be.

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