Corona cases are increasing in 22 districts since 1 month, Center said – we are tired, but not the virus

New Delhi, 27/7 (AO Bureau):The corona virus is still far away from being over and the cases of Covid-19 are increasing rapidly all over the world. Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry gave this information on Tuesday. He said that since May 11, there has been a steady decline in the average daily new cases of corona. However, along with this, the Center also advised not to be careless about Corona and said that we are tired, but not the virus.

Lav Aggarwal said, ‘There are 22 districts – 7 in Kerala, 5 in Manipur, 3 in Meghalaya and others, where there has been an increase in corona virus cases in the last 4 weeks. This is a cause for concern. He further told that there are still 62 districts in the country where more than 100 cases are being reported daily. These cases have come up in local and limited areas of these districts.

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Luv Aggarwal said that the pace of decline in corona cases has slowed down, which is a matter of concern. He said, ‘There has been a steady decline in Kovid-19 cases in terms of weekly average, but if we compare the rate of decline in cases till now, then its lack remains a matter of concern. We are in talks with the states in this regard.

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