Prashant Kishore to join congress!

New Delhi, 27/7: Political excitement has started regarding the assembly elections of five states to be held in 2022. Congress is also engaged in strategy regarding these elections. Meanwhile, the discussions of election strategist Prashant Kishor joining the Congress have come to an end. Actually Prashant Kishor himself has said in this matter that he is not a part of any political activity at present. He has also made it clear that he will not have any direct or indirect role in the elections of five states to be held in 2022. However, till now the Congress has not said anything about his involvement, nor has it denied any.


Prashant Kishor says that whether it is the case of the present Punjab or any other matter, he has no involvement in any decision of the Congress. He is neither behind the screen nor in front of the screen. He has said that after the results of Bengal elections, he had announced to stay away from active politics, he remains on that. If he takes any decision in this regard, he will announce it on a public platform. Although he has also said that he has not yet taken any decision on whether he will continue working in active politics in the future.



On the other hand, regarding the joining of Prashant Kishor in the Congress, party sources have said that any decision on this matter has to be taken by the Congress leadership and PK together. However, the Congress is informally discussing with Prashant Kishor for this.

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