So far both doses of corona vaccine given to 10% of the country’s population: Center

New Delhi, 27/7 (AO Bureau):The number of people who have taken both doses of the anti-coronavirus vaccine in the country is 93855501. Meaning that this is the population that has been fully vaccinated, which is about 10 percent of the population eligible for the vaccine. The central government gave this information on Tuesday. Corona vaccine is being given to people above 18 years of age in the country.

A total of 44.19 crore doses of anti-Covid-19 vaccines have been given in the country so far. The estimated population of 18 to 44 years of age in the country is 597 crore, while the population of 45 to 59 age group is 209 crore. Thus, the total estimated population of 18 years and above is 94.4 crore and the estimated population of 60 years and above is 138 crore.

Doctor became victim of corona thrice, infection occurred after taking vaccine twice

Along with this, Dr. VK Paul, member of NITI Aayog (Health), said that during the second wave of corona, there was a decline of 93% in infections. He said, ‘A study was done on 1.5 million doctors and frontline workers in AFMC who were given the dose of Kovishield. In this study, it was found that during the second wave there was a reduction of 93% in infections. The country had to face the second wave because of the delta variant and the reduction in 98% mortality rate.

Antibody levels drop after Pfizer-AstraZeneca vaccine increases – Lancet study

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