When will the assistant engineer working in the Minor irrigation department get promoted?

(A.O. Bureau): Bhubaneswar, Aug 2: Work is going on voluntarily. There are deadly allegations in the state government’s Minor irrigation department. According to the information, there are 2 types of assistant engineers in the Minor irrigation department. Some assistant engineers are part of the Minor Irrigation Department’s own cadre, but others are from the Irrigation Department. Assistant engineers from the irrigation
cadre have been promoted, but assistant engineers from the Minor irrigation cadre have been denied promotion. There has been dissatisfaction within the department. According to sources, the Minor Irrigation Department promoted some assistant engineers in 2006. Challenging this, the assistant engineers from the Irrigation Department cadre filed a case in the Odisha Tribunal. In which they lost. But then they again appealed to the High Court, which ruled in favor of officers working in the Minor irrigation department.

Irrigation cadre engineers were outraged and went to the door of the Supreme Court, and the apex court heard the case on 9-09-10 in a case dated 13-09-10 and dismissed the notification. Surprisingly, the state government has not yet made a
decision on the status quo. However, the Supreme Court granted full independence to the
state government for the stay. To justify this, when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the country, it did not receive a promotion from the Minor irrigation department, while the assistant engineers of the irrigation cadre in the case have already been promoted.

According to the law, no stay is “permanent” or “indefinite”. If this order is extended, it will automatically disappear after 6 months. In this regard, the Government clarified in its letter No. 175 / (General4) dated June 27, 2021 that any exemption order would be automatically invalidated if it was more than six months. Therefore, under the pretext of the Water Resources Court case, appropriate assistant engineers are not promoted, which has
a serious impact on their performance and morale.

The government has ordered special promotions, but this does not apply to Minor irrigation. Irrigation Department Letter No. 434 On 7-9-18, the Chief Engineer requested the Minor Irrigation Department to take action to promote the promotion of the 4 Engineers in the 6 Minor Water Resources Cadres and the Chief Engineer also submitted the required Minor irrigation documents to the Government. DPC did not sit for the assistant engineer either. Some of the Minor irrigation departments, including assistant engineers, appealed to the promotion court, but to no avail. The question here is, if there is no barrier to the DPC, then there is no value to the state, and what is the interest of the assistant engineer of the Minor irrigation department in a situation where the opposing assistant engineers who have lost even after filing the case in the High Court? There are endless questions about this. Importantly, the case is fully under investigation. Under what circumstances did no government official take part in the Supreme Court case, even after the government took the cases seriously? Nor did the appropriate lawyer. The Supreme Court has since ordered the deposit of Rs 5,000. Letter from the Department of Water Resources, 1011823. 20- 05-2018 The government has also admitted that the irrigation cadre and the Minor irrigation cadre are completely different and no one can  enter the department without permission. According to the report, there are 14 assistant engineers under the Minor Irrigation Department, of which 4 posts (40 per cent) are for the promotion of assistant engineers.

However, the failure to hire appropriate officers as soon as possible in these positions is affecting the work of the Minor irrigation department and the growing dissatisfaction among the assistant  engineers working in the department. “It simply came to our notice then. “In each case, the people have, for the first time, been offered a chance to vote.


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