JD(U) to implement caste based census

Patna,6/8:On the one hand, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the Caste Census in Bihar and is waiting for the call. At the same time, this issue seems to be taking a new turn now. Actually, JDU MP Sunil Kumar Pintu, while giving a big statement on the caste census, has quoted CM Nitish Kumar as saying that if the Government of India is ready for a caste-based census, then it is okay, otherwise we will be caste-based in Bihar. Census will be done. JDU MP clearly said that it is the decision of the CM of Bihar that caste census will be conducted in the state.

The JDU MP further told that if the Indian government agrees and brings a bill to give the states the right to conduct caste census, then it is a good thing, otherwise the Bihar government is preparing to conduct the caste census from its level. Let us inform that on Thursday, Nitish Kumar told that he has sent a letter to the Prime Minister. See you when you get time. Nitish Kumar also said that the MPs of our party have given in writing to conduct the caste census and the MPs have also spoken to Home Minister Amit Shah.

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