PM Modi to preside over UNSC’s high level debate on maritime security

New Delhi, 8/8 :Prime Minister Narendra Modi will chair the UN Security Council’s high-level open debate on ‘Expanding Maritime Security: A Matter of International Cooperation’ via video conferencing on Monday. The Ministry of External Affairs gave this information on Sunday. The debate in the Security Council comes at a time when the Indian Navy deployed a naval task force consisting of frontline warships in the South China Sea, Western Pacific and Southeast Asia waters for more than two months in early August. It aims to strengthen its position in strategically important sea routes.

During her deployment, the ships will participate in the next edition of the Malabar exercise with the navies of Japan, Australia, the US in the Western Pacific. This will be the second consecutive year that the navies of all the four member countries of the Quad or Quadrilateral alliance will take part in the massive naval warfare exercise. China views the purpose of the Malabar exercise with skepticism as it believes the exercise is a part of efforts to control its influence in the Indo-Pacific region. In fact, the quad has been formed with the aim of preventing the dominance of China in the Indo-Pacific region.


Apart from the Indo-Pacific, China has been continuously showing its grandeur in the South China Sea. China claims sovereignty over the entire South China Sea, which is a major source of hydrocarbons. However, several ASEAN member states, including Vietnam, the Philippines and Brunei, also claim it. At the same time, India has been emphasizing that the Code of Conduct on the South China Sea should be fully consistent with the relevant United Nations Treaty and that negotiations should not prejudicially affect the legitimate rights and interests of the countries involved in the discussions. are not.

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