Is anyone being forced to take the corona vaccine? Supreme Court’s question to the Center

New Delhi, 9/8:The Supreme Court has issued a notice to the Central Government seeking its response on the demand to make public the data of the clinical trial of the Corona vaccine. Along with this, the court has also asked whether anyone is being forced to take the vaccine. The next hearing on this issue will now take place after four weeks. However, the Supreme Court made it clear that they are not raising any questions on the effect of the vaccine. The court says that issuing the notice does not mean that there is any doubt on any side on the vaccine.


Two demands were made in the Supreme Court through a public interest litigation. The first is that the data of the clinical trial of the corona vaccine should be made public. And the second is to ensure that no one is forced to take the corona vaccine. On both these questions, the central government will have to file an answer. Let us tell you that before allowing the use of Corona vaccine, its clinical trial was done. That is, it was tested first on animals and then on humans to see how effective the Karona vaccine is. It doesn’t have any side effects. It will not cause any harm to humans.




Information on Clinical Trials

The public interest litigation has demanded that the government should make this data public. It should be told that on how many people the vaccine has been tested and what are the results. Is it completely safe or not? The petitioner argues that till all the things are not made public, doubts will remain in the minds of the people.



government should stand

The Supreme Court has sought an answer from the Central Government on this so that transparency is maintained. However, the court also made it clear that the situation is such that not much question can be raised in this. Even today people are dying from Corona. The government is saying that vaccine is the only weapon to fight against Karona. Still, we want the government to take its stand.

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