All employees of the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan evacuated

Kabul, 17/8: All employees of the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan have been evacuated amid the growing threat of Taliban. According to information received by sources  the Indian Air Force aircraft took off from the airport in the capital Kabul this morning carrying employees and all the necessary documents. This aircraft will first reach Jamnagar and then Hindon Airbase. The aircraft is expected to reach Hindon by around 1 pm.

Sources had informed that the Indian Embassy had stopped work on Monday itself amidst the deteriorating situation in Kabul. He had told that after the departure of the Indian staff, the work of the embassy would be handed over to the local Afghan personnel. Indian Air Force aircraft C-17 Globemaster had reached Kabul to rescue Indians trapped in the country. However, military and civilian operations were halted due to disturbances.


Indians will be removed in a day or two
The news agency ANI quoted sources as saying that the Indians wanting to return to India are in safe areas and they will be brought back safely in a day or two. At the same time, according to the report of India Today, government sources have told that preparations are being made to bring about 120 Indians stranded in different parts of Afghanistan to India in a day or two.

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