BSP won’t disappoint Brahmins

UP, 7/9: Addressing the closing ceremony of the Prabudh Varg Sammelan, which was started under the leadership of BSP National General Secretary Satish Chandra Mishra, on 23 July, BSP supremo Mayawati made the election concoction. While addressing the party workers, he fiercely targeted the BJP and other opposition parties. Mayawati also gave a target to the workers to connect one thousand Brahmin workers in every assembly constituency. At the same time, he called for mobilizing on a war footing to form a government of full majority in 2022, just like in 2007.

Mayawati promised that if the party comes to power in the upcoming assembly elections, then Brahmins will be given full protection. Mayawati said that today Brahmins agree that the condition of Brahmins during the BSP regime was much better than today’s BJP government. Today once again Brahmin is coming with BSP and we are going to form government in 2022. Mayawati said that even today people remember the good governance of BSP. He said that the Brahmin society should not be misled by anyone. He will get respect as soon as the BSP government is formed.

Door Mayawati said that the people of the Dalit class have been proud from the beginning that they did not leave the party even in the most difficult times without being misled and misled. These people have stood with the party like a strong rock. It is hoped that the people of all other sections associated with BSP will never be misled like them. That is the mark of the BSP. The government formed four times has also been shown by running. Full attention has been paid to respect and progress of all castes. We never talked air or air, nor did we do any work to deceive the public.

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