ISI plotting political killing in Kashmir

Kashmir,13/10: In Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan is hatching a new conspiracy every day. Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI has made preparations to give betel nut to the shooters of UP and Bihar for political killing in Kashmir. According to information received from intelligence sources, ISI has given instructions to its agents present in UP-Bihar for this. The ISI has asked its operatives to identify such shooters who have a good criminal record and can be used for targeted killings in the Valley. A hefty amount will also be given to the killer in the form of betel nut.



According to the information received, the purpose of ISI is to create an atmosphere of fear and insecurity in the valley. According to the conspiracy, if the betel nut killer is killed or caught by the security forces after the incident, then the ISI and Pakistan can easily get away. Intelligence input has disclosed about the conspiracy and said that there are also traders doing apple business on the target of terrorists.

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