Coronavirus Explosion in Britain

London, 15/10: Corona infection (COVID-19) is spreading in Britain even after rapid vaccination. On Thursday, 45 thousand (45,000 daily coronavirus cases) were reported here. The largest number of these are of children. According to the official statement, 45066 people were found infected on Thursday. These are the highest since July 20. The biggest concern is that schools have also opened in Britain and it is believed that due to this there has been a spurt in the cases.



Due to the vaccine, this number appears to be less compared to the first waves. In the last few weeks, the death toll from Corona has remained stable. But according to experts, the cases of death may increase. There have been 157 deaths (157 virus-related deaths) in Britain on Thursday. So far 1.38 lakh people have lost their lives in the epidemic in Britain. It is second only to Russia in Europe. So far 8,317,439 cases of corona have been reported in Britain. So far 6,802,672 people have been cured here. There are 1,376,530 active cases here. 37,043 people have been cured in the last 24 hours.

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