Britain fines Rs 500 crore to Facebook

New Delhi, 20/10:Britain has imposed a heavy fine on the social media website Facebook. It is being told that Britain has taken this fine on Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook in the case of Information Breach. Britain has imposed a fine of more than Rs 500 crore (more than $ 50 million) on the social media company.

Facebook deliberately violated: CMA
This fine has been imposed on Facebook for violating the order of the regulator during the investigation after the purchase of GIF platform Giphy. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said that Facebook deliberately did this. Therefore, it has become necessary to impose that penalty. The CMA said that no company can be above the law. The regulator says that Facebook has failed to provide complete information about the acquisition of Jiffy. In addition, Facebook has also failed to operate Jiffy with its platform during the investigation.

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