Google Play Store removes these apps for Joker virus

New Delhi, 15/11: Google Play Store has removed two dangerous apps from its platform. One of these apps is such, which people often keep searching on the Play Store. Actually, the two apps that the company has removed are Smart TV remote and Halloween Coloring. Kaspersky’s security analyst Tatyana Shishkova has revealed the names of these two apps through Twitter. Shishkova says that these apps are suffering from Joker malware.



Joker Malware Will Do Your Damage

Joker malware is a dangerous and popular malware. It subscribes users to premium content without their knowledge. According to the report, on investigation, it was found that the resource/assets/kup3x4nowz file was hidden in the Smart TV Remote app and a file named q7y4prmugi was hidden in the Halloween coloring app. It is worth noting that the dangerous files hidden in the apps are encrypted in such a way that they will not be caught by any antivirus.

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