Rift between TMC and Congress, exposes crack in opposition

New Delhi,9/12: The ambitions of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee have deepened the rift in the unity of the opposition party. Now it is clearly visible and it is clear that the differences of the parties supporting the opposition unity have come to the fore. For example, in Maharashtra, where Sharad Pawar’s party NCP is emphasizing on synergy with other parties to strengthen the opposition faction, the issue of the nature and leadership of the anti-BJP group against the BJP. Deepened once again.


It has become more clear now that the NCP and Shiv Sena are standing in front of each other due to the obstinate anti-Congress attitude of Mamta Banerjee. At least it is evident from the statements of their leaders. While Sharad Pawar talks about bringing non-BJP parties together, in sync with the TMC, the Shiv Sena is backing the Congress for a bigger role in any opposition initiative in the future. It is clear from this that there are differences of opinion between the two big parties of opposition unity regarding the leadership and the nature of the faction. Opposition leaders argue that in TMC’s demand that like-minded parties should be brought under one umbrella on one platform… there is merit in this. But TMC’s anti-Congress attitude and attempts to snatch leadership from it will not be forgotten so soon.




A non-Congress opposition party leader from TOI said, “If anyone has a problem with the UPA, a new alliance and group can be formed, more parties can be called to join it. But even in this group, the Congress should have the status of a major opposition party because even now the party has bigger support at the national level than any regional party. However, Mamata Banerjee seems to have a contemptuous attitude towards the priority given to the Congress in any opposition group. And it doesn’t look like that can work out. Let us tell you that the focus of TMC’s campaign against Congress at the national level is on the issue of leadership. While TMC is describing Mamata Banerjee as the leader of the opposition, most opposition parties believe that this issue should be left for 2024.



Interestingly, NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik on Tuesday insisted that more parties should be invited in the opposition faction as the number of anti-BJP parties outside the UPA is much more. However, Nawab Malik did not say anything on the issue of leadership. Due to this, Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said after meeting Rahul Gandhi that he has asked the Congress leader to lead the opposition unity. However, Sanjay Raut did not answer the questions in which it was asked who would be the leader of the anti-BJP faction.

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