Land acquisition work resumes today for JSW project

Dhinkia, 17/1:The land acquisition work has been resumed today,after suspension of demolition of betel vines for two days subsequent to confrontation of Police and public at Dhinkia village.


The construction of the boundary wall is also underway on behalf of IDCO. The betelvines measurements and demolition work is underway under the leadership of the local tehsildar. However, on Sunday night, District Superintendent of Police Akhileshwar Singh visited Dhinkia Panchayat and went from village to village to hold talks with the people at the Phulkhai temple and the panchayat office. He appealed the public to lead norml life without fearing the Police. Since betelvines are being demolished with the consent of the public,anybody who has any complaints, should contact with the administration directly.


To date, 304 betelvines have been demolished in Dhinkia panchayat, while 225 affected betelvine owners have been provided with compensation of over Rs 5.66 crore. Today more than 45 betelvines have been measured at Mahal Patna village. It is encouraging that since yesterday, people have been cooperating for the measurement and demolition of betel vines. Anybody having any issue regarding measurement or compensation,is discussing with the Tehsildar. In addition, people are also discussing various issues of the local Malal, Gobindpur, Patan areas with the senior officials of the company. As per the contractor of the boundary wall,the construction of boundary wall from the Patan side will start subsequently. The local people are given priority in betelvines demolition and boundary wall construction.

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