Death threats to former two Chief Minister

Bangalore, 9/4: Two former Chief Ministers of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, HD Kumaraswamy and renowned progressive litterateur K. 64 people including Veerbhadrappa have received death threats, which are becoming increasingly viral on social media. Taking the matter seriously, the police department has contemplated to tighten the security. This message, which is going viral on social media in Karnataka, says, “Death is hidden all around you, be ready to die. The miscreants who sent the message have described themselves as tolerant Hindus.


The letter further read, “You are on the path of destruction. Death is very close to you. You be ready. Death can kill you in any form. Inform your family members and make arrangements for your last rites.” Former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has warned the government not to take such threats lightly. He joined the ruling BJP’s progressive thinker and writer K.K. Veerabhadrappa and other writers protesting the government’s silence on communal polarization in the state.

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