Rishi Sunak would have edge over Truss with swing voters, shows poll

UK, 28/7: British leadership candidate Rishi Sunak would have a significant edge over his rival Foreign Secretary Liz Truss among swing voters if he became prime minister, a YouGov poll of almost 5,000 Britons showed on Thursday.



YouGov said that among those who voted Conservative in 2019 but now say they plan to vote Labour, Sunak’s net favourability score, the percentage who have a ‘favourable’ opinion minus the percentage who have an ‘unfavourable’ opinion, was -25, while Truss’s was -45.


“Although both Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are considerably unpopular with the public as a whole, Sunak has a significant edge over Truss among swing voters,” YouGov said in a statement.



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