Lotus starts blooming when darkness grows: PM Modi targets TRS, KCR in Telangana

Hyderabad, 12/11:In his appeal to Telangana ahead of the 2023 Assembly polls in the state after the BJP’s defeat in Munugode, PM Narendra Modi promised to ‘uphold the pride’ of its people, warning the TRS government that the BJP will not stand “any injustice, insult” towards the people of the state.



PM Modi on Saturday took apparent potshots at the ruling TRS in Telangana, saying it has ‘betrayed’ the people and asserted the ‘Lotus will bloom’ everywhere in the state.


“I am used to abuses, I consume them like food, 2-3 kgs every day. Let them abuse me, I hear a variety of abuses each day but let them (the state government) know that they cannot insult the people of this state and get away with it.” Modi said in his animated pitch to the people of Telangana. “When darkness grows, Lotus starts blooming in that situation,” he said, pushing for his party’s rise in the state.

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