Upper Maninag Road has been destroyed

Ranpur, 13/12 : The road leading to Maninag Pith at Ranpur hilltop in Nayagarh district has completely disintegrated within a few years of its construction. Tourists do not feel safe on this road. This 5 km long ghati road was made to go from Lower Maninag Pith to Upper Maninag Pith. This road, built by the Rural Development Department, which cost was Rs 4 crore.


A few months after the construction work was completed, the road collapsed before being put into use On rainy days, this road is covered with hills from both sides. There are a total of 19 turning Ghati roads from bottom to top. Among them, the 14th turning road is very narrow, making it very difficult for four-wheelers to reach the hilltop. An accident between two motorcycles took place 2 years ago due to dangerous roads. Even some of the governor’s staff were returning from the hilltop in a car, when the car overturned due to the damaged road and narrow winding road. Also in February 2022, a car overturned and went down a five-turn straight down. The news of this accident shook the entire state. Everyone in the vehicle was safe with Ma Maninag’s blessings. All these accidents are caused by poor quality road works.


In 2013, the Chief Minister laid the foundation stone for the construction of this road by sanctioning about 3 crore 69 lakh rupees. Due to the poor performance of the Rural Development Department, the road has turned into a dangerous road after a few days of use. Now tourists do not feel safe to go to Upper Maninag Peeth through this road. There is a general demand for the district administration and the state tourism department to look into this aspect and solve it immediately.

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