Hundred-year bridge Now in danger! Where did 6 crores go for the construction of the bridge ?


Ranpur, 14/12: The bridge is of British origin. The load is coming as if it will be a hundred years. Over time, The load is increasing, but the bridge is not being repaired. As a result, it is now dying Major accidents can happen at any time. Although the local administration knew this, the initiative was zero. On the other hand, the construction work of the new bridge has not started after 6 years of foundation work.

Mallaguni river flows through Champtipur village of Ranpur Block And this bridge is standing on the chest of the river from the British time. The bottom of the hundred-year-old bridge has cracked. The plaster of pillar, which made of mankada stone has been left. As soon as the load is placed on the bridge, it oscillates. The local administration is silent despite the repeated complaints of local residents. However, as the bridge directly connects Ranpur with Sunakhla, Bolgarh and Tangi, hundreds of vehicles are going in dangerous conditions every day.

Everyone understands and knows this danger But as there is no alternative, people are following their luck. Despite the risk of a major accident, neither the administration nor the PWD department has declared it as a danger zone. On the other hand, 6 crores was sanctioned for the new bridge in 2016 and the foundation was laid, but the construction work has not started yet. The departmental officer did not open her mouth when asked for an answer. But Divisional Engineer Dayanidhi Rayaguru said that tenders will be issued soon and steps will be taken in this direction.

There is still time If the administration is alert, the horrors like Gujarat or Calcutta may have been avoided And the trend of development in Ranpur block can be accelerated by constructing new bridge immediately.

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