YouTube brings new bot detection, spam blocking features

New Delhi,15/12: Google’s YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing and search engines across multiple device platforms in the world.



It does not just offer entertainment and information but also lets people earn their livelihood. In the past two years, when people suffered stressful economic conditions, YouTube offered a platform for them to host channels to showcase their food-making skills, education tutorials for children, tech shows on smartphones, and various other topics. With better ad revenue-sharing models, some have even given up their jobs and become full-time YouTube vloggers.


However, there are instances of people becoming jealous of counterparts who get better view counts and start abusing them in the comments sections and some cybercriminals also use the comments section to place phishing URLs to divert naive viewers to compromised websites and steal their personal information.


Also, there are issues of bots in the comments section ruining the user experience, particularly during live streaming

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