Not good to rake up sensitive issue politically: Rijiju

New Delhi, 21/12: Amid demands by the Opposition for a discussion in Parliament on the Sino-India border issue, Law Minister Kiren Rijiju on Wednesday cited past instances when the UPA government had denied deliberations in the House on such matters and said it is not good to rake up sensitive issues politically.



Responding to questions on the issue by reporters in Parliament complex, Rijiju said the border issue is very sensitive and there is a convention in Parliament of not discussing such matters in the House.


“You would recall that in 2005 when I was in the Opposition I had raised the issue of the China border. Then, late Pranab Mukherjee was the Leader of the House and then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called me and said China border issue is very sensitive, therefore, it should not be discussed in Parliament and should be dealt with internally. We did not press,” he said.

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