Cinema hall owners can prohibit outside food inside theatres: SC

New Delhi, 3/1: A cinema hall is a private property and its owner can restrict movie-goers from bringing food or beverages inside, the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday.

What goes in is for the owner of the property to decide, subject to statutory rules. So, saying that arms are not allowed, or that no discrimination on the basis of caste or gender can be there is fine,” a bench of Chief Justice D Y Chandrachud and P S Narasimha said.


The top court said that cinema hall owners can put terms and conditions for entry, but they should not be contrary to public interest, safety and welfare. It also added that owners have to provide hygienic drinking water without any charge and allow reasonable food for infants.


The bench set aside the Jammu and Kashmir High Court’s decision, which directed owners of multiplexes/cinema halls not to prohibit cinema-goers from carrying their own food and water inside the theatre


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