Delhi hit-and-run case: Car occupants knew victim was stuck beneath, alleges friend and eyewitness

New Delhi 4/1: Twenty-year-old Anjali was with her friend Nidhi on the scooty while both were returning home before the two-wheeler collided head-on with a Maruti Baleno car in the early hours of January 1. Due to the impact, Nidhi was tossed off the pillion seat while Anjali got stuck beneath the car that dragged her for several kilometres which eventually resulted in her painful death.



“After the collision, Anjali went under the car and I was thrown to the ground. The car did not stop and moved forward with Anjali stuck beneath, shouting for help. A few meters away, the car stopped. They (car occupants) might have felt something was stuck under the car and they reversed… again moved the car forward twice… and then drove away,” Nidhi, an eyewitness of the incident, said while recalling it.

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