Two huts burnt to ashes in Banpur .

Two huts burnt to ashes in Banpur

A major fire broke out in Dolagobinda Nuasahi under Niladri Prasad Panchayat of Banpur block late on Sunday night and two huts were burnt to ashes. As per the information, Sania Pradhan of the said village was sleeping last night when a short circuit occurred around 3 am and fire broke out in his hut. Gradually the hut of the neighboring Sudarsan Pradhan also caught fire, as a result of which the houses of two families were burnt to ashes. On receiving the information, Banpur fire brigade reached the spot and doused the fire. However, since both the families are from very poor class, there is a general demand to immediately include the said two families in the PMAY scheme and provide fire compensation.

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