US announces $2.5 bn in new weaponry, munitions for Ukraine

Washington DC, 20/1: The United States announced a massive new package of arms and munitions for Ukraine on Thursday as the country’s Western supporters seek to boost its armored forces.



The package does not feature Western battle tanks requested by Kyiv, but includes 90 Stryker armored personnel carriers, an additional 59 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Avenger air defense systems, and large and small munitions, according to a Pentagon statement.


“The 59 Bradley IFVs included in this package, together with the 50 Bradleys previously committed on January 6, and the 90 Stryker APCs will provide Ukraine with two brigades of armored capability,” it said.


An initial 50 Bradleys were included in a more than $3 billion package announced last week

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