One person is killed and another is seriously injured after being hit by a truck

Ranpur, 7/2: An accident has occurred in Ranpur at 9:30 this morning. In this accident, two persons were run over by the truck One person died on the spot while another was taken to Ranpur Hospital in a critical condition.


Locals chased the truck and caught it near the fish market. The number of the truck is known to be OR-02-B-2588. The truck is known to belong to Madhu Basanti gananatya yatra. The two persons are known to be from Ranpur Block Kankia village. The deceased has been identified as Ranganath Baliarsingh, while the injured has been identified as Ramachandra Rath from the police.


The accident took place near Sangarh Street. It is understood that Ranpur Police Sub-Inspector Sanjay Parida has reached the spot along with police forces and is continuing the investigation.

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