In a first, women allowed to offer Tarawih in Lucknow Eidgah

Lucknow, 22/3: With the holy month of Ramzan set to begin, the Aishbagh Eidgah in Lucknow, for the first time, will allow women to offer Tarawih namaz during Ramzan.



Tarawih namaz is one of the most special prayers for Muslims which involves reading long portions of the Quran as well as performing many ‘rakahs’ (cycles of movement involved in Islamic prayer).


“A part of the Eidgah will be reserved for women for performing Tarawih namaz during Ramzan this year,” said Imam Eidgah, Maulana Khalid Rasheed Farangi Mahali.


Women were first allowed to offer namaz on Eid and Bakrid in the Eidgah in 2016.


“The entry for women will be from the designated gate of the Eidgah to offer namaz at its Baradari. Several women believe that Tarawih namaz is only for men, but Fikah and Fatwa has mentioned that tarawih should be taken up as a habit by both women and men,” said Mahali, who is also rector of Islamic Centre of India.


“There is a mention that in the times of the Sahaba (one of the four caliphs), the practice of women offering tarawih was followed. The doors of the mosques are and will always remain open for the women,” he added.


The move has been applauded and welcomed by Muslim women.


Fatima Asad, a school teacher, said: “At times, it becomes problematic for women to offer namaz properly at home due to bustle of the servants and children. This move will provide proper space and a peaceful environment for the women. The Eidgah should provide proper sanitation, safety and pardah so that women feel comfortable while offering namaz.”


She said that this step will assure gender equality.


“In several Muslim countries, this provision has been made available for several years. I am happy that finally women got their rights in Lucknow,” she said.



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