Chairman PL Harnad Initiates Free Medical Checkups, Earns Appreciation for Prioritizing PPA Contract Workers’ Health

Paradip – In a commendable move aimed at prioritizing the health and well-being of contract workers at Paradip Port Authority (PPA), Chairman PL Harnad inaugurated a free medical checkup camp at Paradip Port Hospital on Saturday. The initiative received widespread appreciation for its commitment to ensuring the health of those contributing to the port’s operations.
The inauguration ceremony witnessed the presence of key figures from various trade unions and officials of Paradip Port, including  Prakash Tripathy, President of PPMS,  Paresh Murmu, Ex Trustee of PPT, Bibhuti Maharana, General Secretary, Utkal Port and Dock Workers Union, Nrusingha Satapathy, General Secretary of  Workers’ Union, Ananta Das, Working President, Workers Union, PPA bord members Srikant Ray and Sunilkant Das,
Dr. Bibhuti Bhusan Das,Chief MedicalOfficer (CMO),PPA. The event was also attended by Heads of Departments and various PPA officials.
The proactive step taken by Chairman Shri Harnad reflects a deep concern for the well-being of the contract workers associated with the Paradip Port Authority. By extending free medical checkups, the PPA aims to address the health needs of those contributing to the port’s day-to-day operations, underlining a commitment to the holistic welfare of the workforce.
The event not only marks a significant milestone in the PPA’s initiatives but also showcases a collaborative effort between the port authority, trade unions, and prominent stakeholders. The extension of healthcare facilities to contract workers is expected to have a positive impact on the overall health standards of the workforce, fostering a healthier and more resilient working environment at Paradip Port.
Chairman PL Harnad’s leadership in championing initiatives that prioritize the welfare of workers has earned him appreciation from various quarters. This move sets a positive precedent for corporate responsibility within the port sector, demonstrating that the health and well-being of the workforce remain paramount in the ongoing operations of Paradip Port Authority.

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