Trust Chairperson Mr. Hashim’s Ramadan Blessings Illuminate Cuttack”

Cuttack:(AO Bureau) :- In the sacred embrace of Ramadan, the heartwarming legacy continues. Trust Key Chairperson Mr. Hashim, a beacon of compassion, extends his benevolent tradition—distributing iftar meals to the community. Today, on the 22nd day of Ramadan, Mr. Hashim graced various corners of Cuttack city, personally delivering sustenance that transcends religious boundaries.
The smiles etched on grateful faces mirror the spirit of unity and boundless generosity. Approximately 500 to 600 souls in Cuttack city find solace in this daily nourishment.
But that’s not all. Beyond iftar, the Trust’s unwavering commitment extends to families in need. For an entire month, ration support will flow, a lifeline stretching until Eid ul-Fitr on April 10/11. These provisions, like whispered prayers, ease the struggles faced by families.
Mr. Hashim’s footsteps echo compassion, his heart a lantern guiding the way. As the moon waxes and wanes, so does his tireless dedication to the community

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