West Bengal: Wife of BJP MP joins TMC

Kolkatta, 21/12:Check and match play continue in West Bengal. Many Trinamool Congress (TMC) leaders have joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Now it is the turn of leaders from BJP to TMC. It started with Sujatha, wife of BJP MP Soumitra Khan. Sujata left  BJP and joined the TMC today.

Sujata, the wife of MP Soumitra Khan, played an important role in BJP’s victory and campaigned in Bankura. Interestingly, during the entire election campaign, the current Trinamool Congress government banned Sujata from entering the Bankura area.

After joining TMC, Sujatha Mandal, wife of BJP MP Soumitra Khan, said that I am a Dalit woman coming from a Tapashil tribe. I fought for BJP and my husband. We got a ticket and won the Lok Sabha. I think only opportunists are getting a place in BJP now.

Sujata Mandal said that we were standing for the party when we did not even know that they would win 2 to 18 seats. There was no security nor any back up. We fought and won with the support of the public. I still feel that I am fighting a battle, but there was no respect for me in BJP.

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