New Variant of mutated Coronavirus creates panic in the world

London, 22/12 (AO Bureau ): The new type of Coronavirus has created a furor in the world. The focus of the world has shifted from the epidemic to the new variety. Britain had to put a strict lockdown to prevent infection. In view of this, many countries of the world stopped flights coming from Britain. More than 40 countries have banned anyone from Britain.

The new type of Coronavirus created panic in the world

After the matter came to light last week, the government made a sensational disclosure. The government told that 70 percent of the new variety of coronavirus is more contagious and fast-spreading. Scientists say that although the coronavirus generally does not change rapidly like the viruses responsible for seasonal flu, they have detected some changes during the epidemic period.

In London, in the second week of December, the number of infections due to the new form was 62 percent, whereas three weeks before it, 28 percent of infection cases were exposed. Health Minister Matt Hancock called her ‘uncontrollable’. Concerns about the new form in Britain also increased because a sample of patients showed that the new form was increasing the number of new infections randomly.

The discovery of a new form a few months before the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine on a large scale has led to new panic in the epidemic. However, no evidence has yet been found to prove that it is more deadly or can cause more serious illness or that the vaccine will be less effective against the new form.

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