No interference needed when adult woman marries and converts as per her choice: Calcutta High Court

Kolkatta, 22/12: Calcutta High Court has given an important decision regarding marriage and conversion. The High Court has said that if an adult lady decides to marry and convert by her choice and then does not come to the father’s house, then there is no need to interfere in it. According to Live Law’s website, the High Court said these things during the hearing of a case on Monday. Justices Sanjib Banerjee and Arijit Banerjee were on this bench of the High Court. This bench was hearing the plea of ​​a father who said that his daughter has been missing since September 2020 and has converted to marriage.

On 7 December 2020, a report was lodged at the Murutia Police Station in Bengal. In this, a father said that his daughter is 19 years old ran away and married a man named Asamul Sheikh. A statement of his daughter Pallavi Sarkar was also shown in the court. In this statement recorded on 16 September 2020, his daughter said that she had a relationship with Asamul and that she is living with him on her own free will. Pallavi’s father said in the High Court that on the day his daughter’s statement was recorded, he was not allowed to meet her. His daughter has changed her name to Ayesha Khatun.

The girl will give a statement in court
Now the High Court said that both the boy and the girl should give a statement in front of the judge on 23 December. So that it can be ascertained whether the girl is really giving a statement under pressure. The judge has also said that when they come together, there will be no one else in their room.

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