Record Inflation in Pakistan , A single egg sells Rs 30

Islamabad, 23/12: In Pakistan, which is facing the crisis of Coronavirus, inflation has been hit such that the back of common people is getting broken. Despite Imran Khan coming to power, he has failed to improve the economy. The situation there has now become such that ginger is being sold at the rate of 1 thousand rupees and wheat at the rate of 60 rupees per kg. Whereas, an egg is being found there for 30 rupees. There is a great demand for eggs in Pakistan due to the cold. Due to this, such an increase in its price is being seen.

In such a situation, it is not possible for people to fulfill their daily needs. In Pakistan, if you buy an egg at a wholesale price, then you have to pay 240 rupees for a dozen. Not so much, chicken is being sold at the rate of Rs 300 per kg.

Nearly twenty-five percent of the people in neighboring Pakistan are still living below the BPL (poverty line). In such a situation, the cost of every item of everyday needs is skyrocketing in Pakistan. Sugar is being sold in Pakistan at Rs 104 per kg. People in Imran Khan’s new Pakistan, who are struggling with the domestic gas crisis, are not getting any food for two times.

Pakistan is going through a huge food crisis these days. Whereas, on the other hand, the domestic gas crisis is also taking a formidable form there. The condition of the Imran government has become such that PM Imran Khan has to constantly call a cabinet meeting to control the prices of sugar and flour.

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