Diabetes in Men : Don’t ignore these facts

Diabetes is now a common disease and people become vulnerable to it due to a little carelessness. Most people feel that diabetes occurs after an age when it is not. Many of us have diabetes, but due to lack of attention, it is not detected at the right time, which can have serious consequences. In men, its symptoms are special. Let’s know about them.
Erectile dysfunction- Due to increased blood sugar, nerve, and arteries are damaged due to which erectile dysfunction occurs in men. A study by the Journal of International Medical Research found that 89 percent of men experience erectile dysfunction due to metabolic syndrome. This may be the earliest sign of diabetes. If you have any such problem then contact your doctor.
Frequent urination- Frequent urination is also a sign of diabetes. Due to at least 9 medical conditions throughout the day, people have to go to the bathroom. Usually, people do not pay attention to this, but if you have to go to the bathroom every 2 hours at night, then you need to pay attention to it. Health expert says that this problem comes due to enlarged prostate in men.
Yeast infection- Men can also have diabetes due to yeast infection. Yeast infection occurs due to increased blood sugar. Health experts say that yeast infections in men have an effect on their gender. It can be easily treated.
Tiredness- Usually, because of going to the bathroom again and again at night, sleep is not completed properly and due to this, there is fatigue. Health experts say that due to increased blood sugar, too much fatigue is felt in the body. In many patients, symptoms of fatigue start appearing long before diabetes is detected. If you are tired often, do your blood sugar test.

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