After vaccine , Astra Zeneca developed a new medicine for Coronavirus

New Delhi, 26/12 (AO Bureau) : After the initial success of the corona vaccine, the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has developed antibodies that can protect corona infected people from becoming seriously ill. These antibodies will be especially beneficial for those who have not received the vaccine or who cannot be given the vaccine due to any reason.

According to the report, the trial of new antibodies has been started and this is the first such trial. Initially, 10 people have been given these antibodies. These are 10 such people who had come close to some other corona infected person in the last 8 days. It is also being called the Emergency Protection of Protection from Corona.
The new antibodies have been prepared by the company Astragenka. At the same time, University College London Hospitals (UCLH) of the UK Government has started a trial of antibodies. During the trial, there will also be an attempt to find out if using two types of antibodies gives more protection from the corona?
It takes several weeks to develop complete immunity after the vaccine is placed. If a person has already been infected, then they should get immediate protection from the vaccine, it is not necessary.

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