Congress President urges PM Modi to follow Raj Dharma

New Delhi, 3/1 (AO Bureau): Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to repel farm laws and follow ‘Raj Dharma’.

“There is still time for the Modi government to renounce its arrogance of power and immediately withdraw all three black laws unconditionally and end the agitation of the farmers who are dying in cold and rain. This can be raj dharma and a true tribute to the farmers who passed away,” said Sonia Gandhi in a statement.

“Like the rest of the country, I am distressed to see the condition of the annadatas who have been struggling for their demands on the Delhi borders areas. So far, more than 50 farmers have lost their lives due to the government’s reluctance to accept the demands of farmers,” she added.

The Party in opposition also alleged the BJP that “After independence, this is the first time an egoistic government has come to power, which can’t see the suffering and struggle of the people who feed the people of the country.”

The next round of talks will take place on January 4. Yesterday the farmers threatened a tractor rally on 26th January if the talk doesn’t end with a conclusion.

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