Congress not proud of anything Indian : JP nadda

New Delhi, 4/1 (AO Bureau) : The Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) slammed Congress and other opposition parties for playing dirty politics over the Coronavirus vaccine. And took a jibe at Congress saying, Congress is not proud of anything Indian.

BJP chief JP Nadda took to Twitter to launch attack on the opposition parties. He wrote

“Congress and the Opposition is not proud of anything Indian. They should introspect about how their lies on the COVID-19 vaccine will be used by vested interest groups for their own agendas. People of India have been rejecting such politics and will keep doing so in the future.”
Within a year of the COVID-19 pandemic coming to India, our scientists and innovators have worked hard for a vaccine to cure this pandemic. While the entire nation is happy about this, the Opposition led the Congress is filled with anger, ridicule, and disdain. To further their own failed politics and nefarious agendas, Congress and other Opposition leaders are trying to cause panic in the minds of the people. I urge them to do politics on other issues, they should avoid playing with people’s precious lives and hard-earned livelihoods.”

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