Supreme court issues notice to Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand government over love jihad law

UP, 6/1 (AO bureau): In the case of ‘Love Jihad law’ in UP and Uttarakhand, a hearing was held in the Supreme Court on Wednesday. During this time, the Supreme Court accepted the petitions and issued notice to both the state governments and sought answers in this matter. In UP, it is just an ordinance, while in Uttarakhand it has become law in 2018.

Under the ‘Love Jihad’ Act in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, if a person forces someone to convert to religion by luring, straying, or intimidating, then he can be sentenced to five years. But some social workers and organizations have challenged it in the Supreme Court.

They say that through this law, the police and the government are harassing the loving people and those who marry without the consent of their parents. It is also alleged that only minorities are being targeted through this.

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