RSS praised National Education Policy 2020

Nagpur, 7/1 (AO Bureau ): A Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) official said on Wednesday that the aim of the National Education Policy (NEP) -2020 (National Education Policy 2020) is to build a person’s full personality. RSS All India co-evangelist Sunil Ambekar also alleged that the British education system destroyed the education system already in the country.

He said this in his address in the two-day lecture ‘National Education Policy Towards Bright India’. He said, ‘People think that there was no education system in India and it was introduced by the British in the country, which is wrong.’

He said, ‘I think India had the oldest education system in the world. He had created a system by which the prices propounded were the same for many generations. We need to understand this purpose. When we talk about NEP-2020, we need to question why do we need this education policy and what are we creating through it. ‘

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