US Capitol Hill violence :4 dead and 25 arrested

Washington DC,7/1 (AO Bureau)There was a possibility of violence in the US after the US President Elections 2020 on November 3 and this is what happened. On November 3, it was decided that Joe Biden would be the next president of the world’s most powerful country, but the stubborn Donald Trump did not approve of it, he did not seem ready to give up. Trump kept denying public opinion by accusing him of electoral rigging. Meanwhile, Trump’s supporters on Washington DC’s Capitol Hill Violence became violent. He caused sabotage and violence in Parliament. During this time, there was a shootout in a clash with the police. At least four people, including a woman, have died after being shot. Police have also recovered huge quantities of explosives. The military’s special unit repulsed the protesters. So far 25 protesters have been arrested. Currently, there is a curfew in Washington DC until 6 pm Thursday.

Let us know that in the US election, Democrat candidate Joe Biden got 306 votes and Trump got 232 votes. Despite the results being clear, Trump did not give up. They allege that there was massive rigging during voting and then counting. Due to this, cases were filed in many states. In most, the appeal of Trump supporters was rejected. In two cases, the Supreme Court also dismissed their petitions.

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