Current NCC rules won’t allow inclusion of transgender : DG NCC

Kerala, 8/1 (AO Bureau) :On one hand, the Kerala High Court was hearing a petition filed against the non-inclusion of transgender in NCC. On the other hand, the Director-General of the National Cadet Corps, Lt Gen Tarun Kumar Aich, was addressing the annual press conference. In this press conference, he said that we have to make any major changes to include transgender in NCC.

In a conversation with the news agency ANI, General Aich said, “In NCC, we follow the rules of NCC Act 1948.” He said, ‘When we talk about gender of man or woman, we do not have a clause to include transgender. Here is how it is at the moment. He has also referred to the Supreme Court regarding this matter. Aich said, ‘The Supreme Court has said that a third gender is also present here, but in the current situation our rules do not allow it.’

At the same time, he has made it clear that to include the third gender, we have to make any major changes. The DG said, ‘If you agree with me that you cannot have a boy, girl or class of the transgender community, because you need them in large numbers.’ He told me that you will need a different situation together and the current situation does not allow us to do this.

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