Bhupinder Singh Mann separated himself from the four member panel made by Supreme Court

New Delhi, 14/1 (AO Bureau) A four-member panel was announced to be constituted by the Supreme Court after the ongoing agitation by farmers against the agrarian reform laws brought by the central government and the long-standing deadlock. Former MP and National President of the Indian Agricultural Organization, Bhupinder Singh has separated himself from this panel. After the inclusion of the name of 81-year-old Bhupinder Singh Mann in the panel constituted by the Supreme Court, there was a dispute among the farmer’s organizations. In a statement, Mann said- “I thank him for nominating me on behalf of the Supreme Court of India to initiate dialogue with the farmer’s organizations on the three agricultural laws brought by the Central Government.” He further said- As a farmer and organization leader, I am willing to give up the offer given to me because of the perceptions in the farmers’ organizations and the common people, because the interests of the farmers of Punjab and the country are compromised. I can not I remove myself from the panel and will always stand with the farmers and Punjab.

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