9 People dead in an earthquake in Indonesia

Indonesia, 15/1(AO Bureau) 2021 started with a tragic note for Indonesia. An earthquake of  6.2 magnitudes has killed at least 35 people in West Sulawesi in Indonesia on Friday. “Nine people died in Majene district, and 26 others in Mamuju district, bringing the total death toll to 35,” said the West Sulawesi Provincial Disaster Management Agency’s head Darno Majid.

According to a news report by Xinhua news agency, 637 people were injured and around 15,000 others were displaced at 10 evacuation posts.

The earthquake also damaged around 300 houses, hotels, government buildings, hospitals, and minimarkets besides cutting off electricity, communications, and roads. It hit at 2.28 am, with the epicenter at 6 km northeast of Majene, and a depth of 10 km.

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