Farmer Protest : Government can’t pause the Agricultural law

New Delhi, 22/ 1 (AO Bureau) : The deadlock between the government and farmers regarding the new farm law remains constant. The farmers have turned down the new proposal of the Modi government. The government wants to suspend the new laws for a year and a half. But the farmer is not ready to accept. Today the 11th round of talks will take place between the two sides. Meanwhile, it seems that the proposed move by the government may get entangled in constitutional complications. Experts say that if the government wants to put a stop to this new law for some time or to cancel it, they have to go to the Supreme Court or Parliament.

This law was passed by the Parliament in September last year. It was notified in the official gazette on 27 September after the assent of President Ramnath Kovind. Explain that Parliament can repeal any law. But there is no such provision in the constitution or parliamentary procedure so that any law can be put on hold.

What are the problems?
The government says that if the farmers accept their offer, then a new notification will be issued to cancel the official gazette. But law experts say that this is not so easy. Talking to the English newspaper Indian Express, law experts said that there are many complications in this. Former Lok Sabha Secretary-General, PDT Acharya said, ‘In my view, the law cannot be put on hold by the government. Once the law is passed by the Parliament, the government can only implement it.

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