26 January : Police have identified 6 persons who incite violence

New Delhi, 29/1 (AO Bureau): On the occasion of Republic Day on 26 January in the country’s capital Delhi, a protest march was taken out by the protesting farmers demanding a repeal of the agricultural laws. This demonstration of farmers had turned violent. There were violent clashes between protesters and policemen in many places. The protesters also entered the historic Red Fort. Now sources connected to Delhi Police have claimed to identify 6 suspects who were inciting violence. The police have identified them based on more than 200 video footage. Based on the footage of these 6 suspects, an important role is being brought about to incite violence. All these searches are being done on the basis of the footage. In fact, after examining all the CCTVs and videos that are available with the police, the police have come to know about these 6 miscreants. Now their search has been expedited.

According to the information, during the Republic Day parade, the police had brought 10 photographers and 10 video cameras privately from outside. After the Republic Day program was over, they were all put to work even during the violence. Now all videos and photos have also been taken from them. The nuisances are being identified based on these photos and videos.

Farmer leaders also claim to have inflammatory videos
Police have also sought the help of the public in ensuring the identification of miscreants. Police have appealed to the public that during the violence, those who have made videos with mobile cameras, give them to the police. So far, the police have received more than 200 footage. During the investigation, police have also found videos of some farmer leaders who were giving inflammatory speeches. His video is being investigated.
All the WhatsApp groups have been formed since the Kisan agitation started on 26 January till date. Actually, during the investigation, it has been revealed that some WhatsApp groups have been used to incite the peasant movement.

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