Comedian Kunal Kamra refused to apologise

Mumbai, 29/1 (AO Bureau ): Comedian Kunal Kamra has refused to apologize in the case of comments made on the Supreme Court and lawyers. In the affidavit submitted to the court before the hearing of the case, he has said that if powerful people and institutions do not continue to tolerate reprimand or criticism, then our country will become like bound artists and domesticated dogs. Apart from this, he has also tightened the court referring to Kashmir.

The comedian wrote in his affidavit, ‘If the court feels that it has crossed the limit and wants to shut down its internet indefinitely, then it will send the Independence Day cards like its Kashmiri friends every August 15’. Kamara was given a notice of contempt on December 18 last year for allegedly joking through a social media post. Attorney General KK Venugopal had given permission to run the case against him.

In response to the notice, Kamra said that even judges do not get protection from jokes. The comedian said that people’s trust in the judiciary is built by his own works, not by any comment or criticism. During this, he also mentioned the arrest of comedian Munawar Farooqui. Kamra said, ‘We are witnessing an attack on freedom of speech and expression. Munawar Farooqui was sent to jail for such jokes which he has not told. He said ‘School parasols are being interrogated for treason’.

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