” The Kapil Sharma Show” is going off-air in February

Mumbai, 29/1:TV’s popular comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is going off-air in February. Fans have been quite disappointed after getting this information. This is going to break for a while, which makes millions of people around the world laugh. Fans believe that Kapil Sharman is going to be a father again, so he is taking a break from the show. In the coming months are going to give birth to another baby.

Comedian Kapil Sharma wants to live with his wife and baby for the first three months. They also have a daughter, Anaira, who is still very young. In a chat session with the fans, Kapil Sharma assured that he is taking a short break and will return soon. A fan asked Kapil, “Is the Kapil Sharma show closing?” On this, Kapil said, “There is only a short break.”

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